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Foundation Repair – Piers – South Texas Flooring Company 713-660-9189 – Wood floors in Houston homes are often significantly affected when piers must be erected under the house to support a sinking slab. Sometimes tunneling can be employed from outside the home to access the interior area under the concrete, but typically the pier holes are dug from the interior of the house, meaning that some wood flooring must be removed so that the foundation company can break through the slab and dig holes in the soil underneath to construct the support piers.
The result, of course, is damage in the form of holes in the hardwood floors throughout the home, each approximately 2′ x 4′. The foundation company will build the piers under the slab and then re-pour the concrete, but a hardwood floor company has to be employed to replace the flooring.
South Texas Flooring has been doing foundation pier hole repairs for 20 years. (Click on our home or other pages above to browse our website.) Typically the process involves installing new flooring in the holes, laced in on either side to match the existing floor pattern (rarely can the old removed flooring be reused), and then sanding and refinishing the room to ensure a uniform look throughout. This process, of course, is likely to involve several, if not all, of the rooms in the home, depending on which rooms are affected by the foundation repair.
Each foundation hole will require 12 – 15 square feet of new flooring. But be aware that often a long central hallway may require numerous pier holes, and sometimes it’s more economical and practical to replace all of the wood flooring in the hall, rather than trying to lace or weave the new flooring being used in each hole into the small area of existing wood flooring remaining between the holes. But throughout the remainder of the house, the holes can typically be patched individually.
The bright side is that the floor will be sanded and refinished (and the color can be changed if desired), and should not require refinishing for another 10 – 15 years, or longer.

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