Repair Hardwood Floors Houston – Cupping / Buckling

Repair Damaged Wood Floors Houston 77005 77025- South Texas Flooring Company 713-660-9189 has repaired thousands of square feet of water damaged (cupping or buckling) or otherwise damaged hardwood flooring in the 21 years since we were founded. Most wood floor damage is caused by one of three issues:
1) water / moisture / flooding (see blog on this website for specifics about water damage causes and repair)
2) foundation pier work (see blog on this website for specifics about foundation issues / repair)
3) pet stains – pet “stains” are not scratches…scratches can be removed by sanding / refinishing. Rather, a pet stain is a dark spot on wood flooring caused by a pet who has chosen a particular area of the floor to use as his restroom over and over, for long periods of time (months / years). The result is often a spot so dark and deep in the hardwood that it cannot be removed by sanding. Fortunately, all that is required is replacement of the affected floor boards, and then usually sanding and finishing of the room. In some cases, pet stains are not as deep, and can be removed by sanding, or simply hidden by the stain used to color the floor during the refinishing process, if the stain utilized is dark enough.
South Texas Hardwood Flooring Company. Call us 713-660-9189 to set a time for us to come take a look and give you an opinion and a price.

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