Change Color of Hardwood Floors

Can you change the color (darker or lighter) of your hardwood floor? Probably so. SOUTH TEXAS FLOORING COMPANY 713-660-9189. A darker or lighter color can likely be achieved, as long as the floor meets certain conditions.

Most hardwood flooring these days is oak, which accepts stain readily. Before the color can be changed, the wood must be sanded down to remove the existing finish. Stain can then be applied to the newly unfinished hardwoods. Only one coat of stain is needed, because the unfinished condition of the wood will allow penetration, deep and even, into the floor. A dark color, light color, or anything in between can be used, and often colors are mixed to achieve a color not reachable with single stain colors. (An extreme dark color can be achieved by using a separate process that “opens” the wood grain; see another blog on this website entitled “Pop the Grain” for more info.)

A clear urethane (typically two coats) is then applied to protect the stain, and the floor, over the long term.

As to the condition of the floor required to allow a change of color? Essentially just one….the floor must be able to withstand sanding. Virtually any solid hardwood can be sanded – many times, in fact, and, barring water damage, a solid oak (or other hardwood floor) may last 60 – 100 years. On the other hand, a factory-finished engineered wood floor will likely withstand sanding only one time, and sometimes not even that.
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